Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a new family of 500 V, fast-recovery MOSFETs designed to provide significant performance enhancements over conventional MOSFETs in telecom and server power system designs. Compared to conventional MOSFETs, the new FRFET™ family demonstrates more than 50% improvement in diode reverse recovery characteristics (Qrr, trr) and increased turn-off dv/dt immunity. The FRFET's soft recovery characteristics result in lower system power losses, improved ruggedness and higher operating frequencies.

The FRFET technology combines a low FOM QFET topology with an electron irradiation process to achieve its fast recovery characteristics. When applied in full-bridge phase-shift zero voltage switching (PS ZVS) topology, the FRFET's fast recovery enables a higher operating frequency (up to 250 kHz).

The FRFET family is available with current ratings (Id) of 24 A and 28 A (TO-3P package), and 40 A (TO-264). Both 42 A and 50 A versions (Power247™ package) are planned for later introduction.