Narda's high performance programmable microwave synthesizers meet the requirements of wireless communications systems, Satcom converters, digital radio, and optical networks.

The foundation of these synthesizers is Narda's proprietary phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillator. By using this PLDRO as the low noise internal oscillator and adding programmable upconverter circuitry around it, Narda has achieved tunable microwave synthesizers with minimal performance degradation. A representative design, centered at 19 GHz, provides two independently-controlled RF outputs via an external I2C interface with step sizes extending from 5 kHz to 10 MHz over a 300 MHz frequency tuning range. Other versions operate within the 6 to 28 GHz frequency range, have tuning spans up to 400 MHz, and an RS-232 interface.

Features of these devices include: low phase noise (typically -92 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset for a carrier frequency of 19 GHz and step size of 5 MHz); high immunity to severe shock, vibration, and phase hits; unique low cost SMT construction; and low DC power consumption.