Decibel Products, an Allen Telecom company, has completed product development and initial production of Gen3Xpol, the next generation concept for the PCS and GSM 1800 Diversity Master™ family of ± 45 degree polarization antennas. The antenna features an efficient, low loss feed system, allowing Decibel to provide gain in the shortest package possible. Additionally, intermodulation levels are among the lowest available, because the antenna requires no screws, rivets or solder in the RF element feedpoint. The first models released to the market are the 932DG65T2E-M and 932DG65T4E-M, each with 18dBi gain, a 65-degree horizontal aperture and a 2-degree and 4-degree fixed electrical downtilt, respectively.

Diversity Master antennas, in both 800/900 MHz and 1800/1900 MHz, are most frequently used in urban areas, where site acquisition can be very difficult and where interference issues from cell site to cell site are abundant. These antennas provide systems operators with two polarization-diversified arrays under a single radome, reducing site antenna count and providing network planners a valuable tool when facing restrictive siting challenges.