A new four-digit clock display that maintains superior luminous intensity even under direct lighting has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology.

With a typical luminous intensity of 4 mcd per segment at 10 mA, and a 10-mm digit height, the new Vishay Telefunken TDCG1050 maintains full visibility from a distance of up to 7 m. To further increase visibility, the device features a green emission color, a dark surface, untinted segments, and an active colon between the second and third digits.

The TDCG1050 provides a common anode circuitry and is operational from -25°C to 85°C. For applications requiring alternate design needs, floating dot point, common cathode, or multiplex mode versions are available.

A compact 14-mm by 40-mm design and slim, 7-mm height profile makes the TDCG1050 suitable for a wide range of applications, including video, audio, and TV products, elevators, temperature displays, medical instrumentation, and balance displays.

The TDCG1050 is the first device in a new high-end display series from Vishay built on leading-edge AllnGaP and GaN technologies. These high-efficiency, high-visibility components will increase the choices available to designers for any display application where maximum performance is required.