STMicroelectronics has introduced the first in a family of very high-gain bipolar power transistors that feature extremely low saturation voltage, making it well suited for highly efficient low-voltage switching applications.

Typical uses for the ST818A/B low-voltage, high-gain power transistors include power management in portable equipment and switching regulators in battery chargers.

The STT818A/B high-gain PNP power transistor, using an inter-digitated layout, harnesses the latest low-voltage epitaxial planar technology. As a result, the bipolar transistor exhibits a typical collector-emitter saturation voltage of 0.25 V (for IC = 2 A and IB = 20 mA), thus capping conduction losses.

With a minimum DC current gain (hFE) of 100 and a typical value of 200, the STT818A minimizes current requirements. The STT818A also carries a continuous collector current (IC) of 3 A.

The STT818A/B high-gain PNP power transistor comes in a SOT-23-6L package in tape and reel format.