Bel, a premier developer of fuses, LAN and telecom networking components, delay lines and thick film hybrids, has announced enhanced UL ratings for the Type MRT time-lag, radial lead, microfuse series. The UL Component Recognition now rates the MRT at 277 VAC (80 mA to 6.3 A) with an interrupting (short circuit) rating of 100 Amps, making it an excellent choice for use in specific domestic lighting ballasts. Moreover, as the device is CSA certified, VDE/SEMKO approved to IEC 127-3/SS4, and carries the safety approval of MITI, designers may specify a single part number to satisfy the requirements of U. S., Asian, and European markets.

With its enhanced UL rating, Bel's time-lag fuse is appropriate for use in wall-mount power supplies needed for cell phone battery chargers, as well as a wide range of board level, secondary circuit (primary circuits to 277 VAC max.) protection applications including computer boards and audio/video circuits. The micro fuse measures just 8.35 mm × 7.7 mm, and is provided in either long (18.8 mm) or short (4.3 mm) radial lead versions for maximum space saving, and design flexibility.