Heraeus announces that the company has signed a licensing agreement to produce an advanced material system developed by Motorola. The new system, known as Heraeus' CT2000 LTCC technology, is intended for wireless, automotive and general applications.

Heraeus is manufacturing the complete CT2000 LTCC material system, including dielectric tape, capacitor dielectrics and conductors. The lead-free system, which will be integrated into Heraeus' Heratape™ and LTCC product families, is expected to become an industry standard for microwave applications up to at least 5 GHz.

As past of the overall program, Heraeus has developed new products to further enhance the capability of the system. The first of these are two pure silver conductors: Screen Printable TC2302HQ and photoimageable TC2301P1. Both conductors offer conductivities as high as 75% of bulk and have demonstrated improvements in line loss of up to 30% when used with either CT2000 LTCC technology or with other commercially available tape systems.

CT2000 LTCC offers the benefit of a low temperature coefficient of frequency of resonant structures, ensuring consistent electronic performance across a wide range of environmental conditions. Current uses for CT2000 technology include handheld telephones, automotive components and other electronic applications.

The CT2000 system also is targeted for "Bluetooth" modules. The Bluetooth standard supports short-range wireless communication between devices such as laptops, cell phones, PCs and peripherals at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, eliminating the need for cable connections.