StratEdge announces the availability of the Low Cost Commercial (LCC) family of DC to 23 GHz amplifier packages for C and Ku band VSAT applications. These ceramic packages feature two or more RF leads and multiple DC leads, providing easy and cost effective attachment to the next level of the system while still maintaining the integrity and electrical performance of the integrated circuit. The package combines a copper composite base with a patented microstrip-imbedded microstrip-microstrip transition design. This composite metal base provides thermal conductivity and expansion compatible with GaAs (gallium arsenide) chips. A plastic cap lid with epoxy preform finishes the structure and provides protection for the device.

StratEdge LCC packages are available in standard outside package dimensions ranging from .330 inches× .330 inches (8.38 mm × 8.38 mm) to as large as .520 inches× .520 inches (13.2 mm × 13.2 mm) with cavity dimensions from .178 inches× .178 inches (4.52 mm × 4.52 mm) to .320 inches× .320 inches (8.13 mm × 8.13 mm). Custom sizes and lead patterns are also available.

VSAT provides high quality two-way, voice, data, and video communications at speeds up to 64 kbps that operate at microwave frequencies (5.5 GHz to 6.5 GHz and 14 GHz to 14.5 GHz). They are used for networks needing to expand across large geographical areas or to link two or more outlets in different countries where the wired infrastructure may be incompatible.