The integration of the Summit Series wafer probing systems and the Polytec Micro-Scanning Laser Vibrometer (MSV) provides an automated, non-invasive device characterization during the Micro Electromechanical System (MEMs) optical switch manufacturing process. Complete characterization of every MEMS device in an optical switch array is critical to ensure final switch performance. This includes dynamic measurements of each device in its actuated state.

The Polytec MSV provides a unique, non-contact deflection measurement using a targeted laser spot at selected points on each device. Inside the vibration isolated and shielded MicroChamber® environment, important switch response characteristics such as deflection amplitudes, settling times, resonant frequencies and cross-talk can be quickly determined. Dynamic MSV characterization combined with Cascade Microtech's advanced Nucleus™ prober control software provides a complete test solution for optical switch characterization and functional tests.