Temex Components announces the availability of a new Rubidium atomic clock, the RAFS series that is approved by the European Space Agency for use in the Galileo Global Navigation System. The RAFS has a very low temperature sensitivity, required for radio-navigation applications, of less than 1 × 10-13/°C. This was accomplished by utilizing a double oven construction with a high stability SC cut crystal oscillator. The RAFS exhibits excellent short-term stability of less than 5 × 10-14/10,000 sec. And drift of less than 3 × 10-13/day. It's long term stability of less than 1 × 10-10 for the first year, is controlled by a systematic burn-in and pre-aging process. The RAFS is suitable for ground or space use. Applications include navigation satellites, military communication satellites, tracking and guidance control, and advanced low orbit digital communication satellites.

The RAFS input voltage is 22 V to 26 V or 8 to 12 V and is connected through a 15 pin sub-D and 2 SMA connectors. The magnetic field sensitivity of less than 2 × 10-13/ Gauss is enabled by using a double magnetic shield. The RAFS is available in 10 MHz only, and has an extended Rubidium lamp life of more than 20 years.