Fox Electronics has expanded one of its standards off-the-shelf crystal oscillator series with a new option designed specifically for use with Intersil Corporation's latest generation PRISM® 2.5 and 3.0, 11 Mbps chip sets.

The new CMOS oscillator, designated the F4106-440/1.4 PRISM, is a major addition to Fox's F4100 series that complements Intersil's popular PRISM chip sets for wireless connectivity applications, including home computers, laptops, palmtops, PDAs and digital cameras.

The new crystal oscillator is offered in the industry standard 5 × 7 mm ceramic SMD package and delivers a very stable ± 25 PPM.

The F4106-440/1.4 PRISM oscillator features extremely low jitter at special PRISM circuit voltage, an extremely low profile, a frequency of 44.000 MHz, and a standard operating temperature range from -10° to +70°C. Optional featured available on special order include an extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C and a 22.000 MHz version for the PRISM I.