A new Schottky barrier diode series that features extremely low forward voltage drop ratings has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology. The new "101" series gives designers a choice of three reverse breakdown voltage options and four standard package types in a dozen new devices.

With maximum low forward voltage drop values ranging from 0.9 V to 1 V at a 15-mA forward current, the new Vishay Telefunken diodes are optimized for circuits where low power consumption and a low voltage drop are required. Typical applications will include steering, biasing, and coupling in dc-to-dc converters, low-current power supplies, protection circuits, or any other fast-switching, low-logic-level application.

Offered in the DO-35 (SD101x), MiniMELF (LL101x), QuadroMELF (LS101x), and MicroMELF (MCL101x) packages, the new Schottky diodes are available with minimum reverse breakdown voltages of 40 V, 50 V, or 60 V. The devices provide an ultra-low leakage current of 200 nA, and additionally feature a low diode capacitance value ranging from 2.0 pF to 2.2 pF at a 1-MHz frequency. An integrated protection ring guards against static discharge.