A new reflective optical sensor that incorporates a miniaturized profile and a surface-mountable design well suited for the high-speed assembly of space-constrained end products was released by Vishay Intertechnology.

Housed in a package with dimensions of 3.4 mm by 2.7 mm and a height profile of just 1.5 mm, the Vishay Telefunken TCNT1000 integrates an infrared emitting light source and a phototransistor detector, positioned side by side to enable the detection of varied materials and objects across a defined distance range. Designed for object detection, the new device is optimized for use in code wheels, shaft encoders, counting or metering systems, copy machines, printers, and fax machines, or any other product that requires the sensing of reflective materials such as paper, IBM cards, or magnetic tape.

With an operating wavelength of 950 nm, the TCNT1000 is capable of sensing objects within the recommended distance of 1 mm to the sensor. Compatible with the CECC00802 Table 1, Class B or C soldering specification, the device is optimized for the reflow soldering process.