Universal Air Filter has introduced a new line of Windowpane Air Filters to meet the low-profile and edge-to-edge filter needs of wireless enclosure designers as they provide for electronics cooling.

Windowpane Air Filters maintain necessary rigidity to keep their shape and stay in place with an innovative "frame-n-pane" design that integrates an aluminum or stainless steel frame and a series of crossing, reinforcing intermediates that provide media support. This design creates a sturdy air filter even when the combined thickness of filter media and frame is less than -inch. Pane sizes and frame thicknesses are fully customizable to the equipment's needs.

Frames can be ordered with special finishes that protect against corrosion and provide EMI/RFI shielding benefits.

Cleanable, black, gray or green Quadrafoam media can be specified for Windowpane Air Filters.