Stockwell Rubber Company announced the availability of die cut parts from two newly developed thermally conductive gap filler materials. These two new compounds provide an effective path between heat sources and heat sinks in a variety of electronic and telecommunications applications.

TC2000 Gap Filler provides a means of making intimate contact between components and heat sinks where a large gap is generated in assembly design or where stack-up tolerances are unpredictable. TC2000 is a very soft, efficient, thermally conductive, proprietary silicone formulation which conforms to surface contours and variations. High performance is achieved with low mounting pressure. The tacky surface eliminates the need for an adhesive. TC2000 products are available in thicknesses ranging from .020 to .200 . Thicknesses of .120 and greater meet UL94 V-1 rating for flame resistance.

A thermally conductive closed cell silicone sponge, R10404 offers true compressibility enabling parts to conform to severe surface profiles. Flexibility and conformability also provide cushioning for mechanical shock and vibration. Compression in applications ranges from 10% to 50%. Maximum compression set is 15%, per ASTM D1056. R10404 is available in thicknesses from .035 to .250 . R10404 meets UL94 V-1 rating for flame resistance and is available with a thermally conductive acrylic adhesive backing.