A pair of dual ultra-low-voltage supervisor ICs for monitoring power supplies as low as 300 mV has been developed by Micrel Semiconductor. Available in Micrel's IttyBitty™ SOT23-5 packaging, the MIC2774 and MIC2777 feature a choice of preprogrammed voltage options and ultra-low quiescent current.

These devices, however, can monitor two supplies, one of which can be as low as 300 mV. One of the monitoring inputs is user-adjustable and allows designs to migrate from generation to generation. The other monitoring input is pre-programmed at the factory. A wide range of voltage options is available to accommodate standard logic supply voltages. Power supply current is a portable-friendly 3.5uA. The MIC2777 features both active-high and active-low reset outputs; manual reset capability can be achieved by adding an external reset switch.

The MIC2774 has an industry-standard pinout with a dedicated manual reset input and a choice of active-high, active-low, or open-drain active-low reset output. Existing designs can easily upgrade from previous generations of supervisors with the same footprint.