Murata Electronics announced its exclusive offering of the High Frequency (HF) Active Filter, a leaded surface mounted device that creates a higher performance filtering solution for use in next-generation electronics products.

The HF Active Filter employs patented high-speed op-amps and advanced thick film technology, which allows flexibility in design, fast turn-arounds of new engineering samples, and ease of smooth migration from simulation to product.

The HF Active Filter offers several benefits over passive filtering solutions as well as discrete high-speed op-amps for discrete active filters. The smaller size of the component reduces the size of a passive filter solution by 50% and a discrete active filter solution using discrete high speed op-amps also can be quite large compared to the HF Active Filter. Passive filtering sometimes requires a tuning process. The HF Active Filter is laser-tuned in an automated process and 100% tested before distribution. The HF Active Filter offers to eliminate many of the parts on the board by puling all of their functions into a single package. Lower parts count and smaller size translates into significant reductions in direct and indirect costs.

End-user applications include wireless CDMA technologies, emerging broadband technologies such as W-CDMA, cdma2000, 3G, xDSL premise modems, xDSL Central Office network cards, and more.