Unison Information Systems announces the release of their new RAID I/O Flyer III, the external RAID subsystem. The RAID I/O Flyer III is based on the same technology as Unison's six-drive RAID I/O Flyer II and three-drive RAID I/o Flyer 3d Fault Tolerant RAID Subsystems. The RAID I/O Flyer III offers users an even higher performance and larger capacity than the previous subsystems.

Unison has taken the breakthrough SCSI to Ultra ATA/100 design of the RAID I/O Flyer II and RAID I/O Flyer 3d, and enhanced the interface from Ultra Wide SCSI to Ultra 2 SCSI/I.VD interface on the host side to Ultra ATA/100 interface on the drive side. This redesign offers the customer the confidence of the RAID I/O Flyer II and RAID I/O Flyer 3d designs combined with the new performance and cost advantages of the RAID I/O Flyer III.

The RAID I/O Flyer III is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, educational, government and consumer markets where fault tolerant data storage is needed to protect programs, files, records, graphics and other vital data.

Other features of the RAID I/O Flyer III include low cost external RAID solution, Ultra 2 SCSI/LVD to Ultra ATA/100 Interface, easy setup via front panel LCD, host independent, raid levels 0, 1, 0 1, 3 or 5, and hot pluggable disks.

New high capacity design offers the customer a RAID Solution that provides high availability the same cost as JBOD (Just A Bunch of Disks) solutions.

RAID I/O FLYER III plugs into any host systems with a SCSI port. Combining it with one of Unison's I.VD host bus adapters increases the performance reliability of any workstation or server. The RAID I/O FLYER III can be setup via an RS232 port or it is easy to use LCD panel. Installation of a RAID Subsystem can be completed in less than 5 minutes.