Prem Magnetics announced a new telecom transformer designed for high-speed T!/E! data transmission applications. Designated the SPT-2003, this part provides small size and economy for use in various applications.

The primary impedance in 100 Ω and the secondary is 400 Ω total across its split secondary. Rated at 0 mA direct current, the SPT-2003 has a frequency response of ± 0.5 dB from 100 kHz to 4.0 MHz referenced to 772 kHz. The longitudinal balance specification is 35 dB minimum at 1.544 MHz. Dielectric strength for the SPT-2003 is 1500 VDC. Placed on a 6-pin through hole bobbin, the part has overall dimensions of 0.433 (11.0 mm) by 0.394 (10.0 mm) with a height of 0.413 (10.5 mm) maximum.