Decibel Products announced the introduction of the DB7300 series Rx Multi-Coupler, the first member of its new family of RXMC products. The DB7300 Multi-Coupler is a single rack unit model providing 4 to 16 channels of receiver combining to a single antenna input. A single model with only a power splitter change now covers the entire band from 30 to 512 MHz. This versatile multi-coupler comes standard with CE/UL approved 115 VAC, 220 VAC, or 13-15 VDC input options and can be adapted to any site requirement. In Band preselectors are available as add-on-options if needed.

System gain is 3 dB minimum, and noise figure is 4.0 dB maximum, <3.0 dB above 100 MHz. The device measures 12× 19× 1.75 and weighs approximately six pounds. Rx to Rx isolation is 20 dB @> 100 MHz.