A full line of quick-disconnect RF connectors that provide a secure connectorion for high current, high power applications such as sputtering, wafer processing, UV coating, and laser systems are introduced by Tru-Connector.

Tru-Connector SQS Series Super Quick Coaxial Connectors feature a spring loaded sleeve on the male plug which pulls back to allow self-contained bearings to lock into a corresponding groove on the mating female. Once fully mated, this design creates a fast and secure connection that cannot vibrate loose and eliminates the problems with bayonets or screw threads.

Constructed with a recessed center contact and Teflon® overlap insulator, Tru-Connector SQS Series are rated for DC to 500 MHz operation. Configurations include plugs, jacks, receptacles in straight and right angles, and in-series and between series adapters. Complete cable assemblies and polarized versions are also available.