Magnetic Transducers/Buzzers

July 16, 2001 5:44 am | Product Releases | Comments

Betso Tech, Korea have introduced a complete range of magnetic buzzers. They different surface mountable magnetic transducers/buzzers, including a wide frequency range and a typical sound output between 85 and 100 dB. The smallest SMT buzzer is available in sizes of 8 × 8 × 2.5mm. The height of the buzzer is the smallest on the market, but with many advantages....

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Solid State Temperature Sensors

February 21, 2001 8:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

The NCT22 and NCT24 devices are programmable solid state temperature sensors designed to replace mechanical switches in sensing and control applications. They are operational from 4.5 V to18.0 V (NCT22) and from 2.7 V to 4.5 V (NCT24). They have set points that are easily programmed and can be used as over-temperature fail safe circuits and simple fan controllers....

LISTED UNDER: Sensors & Transducers


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