VARTA Microbattery's New Mercury-Free Nickel Zinc Batteries

February 28, 2013 10:29 am | by WDD Staff | Wireless Design & Development | Product Releases | Comments

VARTA Microbattery has announced the new mercury-free, primary Nickel Zinc (NiOOH) Battery Systems. VARTA Microbattery's nickel zinc cells are developed as an ideal cost effective and highly reliable substitute to conventional primary silver oxide (Ag2O) button cells.

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Ultra-Low Capacitance, Bi-Directional ESD Protection

February 28, 2013 10:21 am | by WDD Staff | Product Releases | Comments

AVX Corporation [NYSE:AVX] has introduced a new series of automotive sub pF varistors. Based on reliable zinc-oxide varistor technology, AVX’s new AEC-Q200-qualified Automotive Sub pF AG Series varistors provide ultra-low capacitance, bi-directional ESD protection in the sub 1pF range for automotive circuits sensitive to capacitance.

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Power Sources’ 100 W Power Supply

February 14, 2013 9:44 am | by WDD Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. announces the NXT-100 series of ultra-small AC-DC power supplies with extended temperature range that achieves unit start-up down to –40°C (-WT models). The NXT-100 series features line and load regulation of 0.5%..

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Protek’s Desktop Medical Power Supplies Meet Safety Standard

January 29, 2013 11:06 am | by WDD Staff | Product Releases | Comments

The PMP135 Series of AC-DC power supplies from Protek Power offers 135 W of performance packed design and are compliant to UL60601-1 and EN60101-1 3rd Edition medical safety standards.

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Agilent Technologies Introduces USB Thermocouple Power Sensors

January 28, 2013 11:17 am | by WDD Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Agilent Technologies Inc. [NYSE:A] has announced the Agilent U8480 Series, USB thermocouple power sensors. Based on the same front-end design as the Agilent 8480 and N8480 Series power sensors, the new U8480 Series offers improved specifications.

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Acopian's New Programmable 1U 750W AC-DC Power Supply Family

January 25, 2013 10:31 am | by WDD Staff | Wireless Design & Development | Product Releases | Comments

Acopian has announced the availability of a new family of programmable AC-DC power supplies. Featuring wide-adjust output voltages from 0V-5V to 0-135V and current capabilities up to 70 A.

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BGA Socket Has Same Solder Ball Types as the IC it is Emulating

January 18, 2013 12:06 pm | Wireless Design & Development | Product Releases | Comments

Ironwood Electronics' new high performance socket - SF-BGA141A-B-32F allows 1.27mm pitch, 15x15mm body, 12X12 array Linear's high efficiency switching mode buck-boost power supply IC to be placed in socket and operated without compromising performance in DC/DC applications.

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300V Power MOSFETs Improve System Efficiency in Industrial Applications

January 18, 2013 12:04 pm | Product Releases | Comments

International Rectifier announced the introduction of a family of 300V devices featuring IR’s latest power MOSFET silicon that deliver benchmark on-state resistance (Rds(on)) for a wide range of high efficiency industrial applications such 110-120 VAC line conditioners and 110-120 VAC power supplies, and DC to AC inverters including solar inverters...

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Power Supply Series Provide up to 150mA of Load Current

January 16, 2013 11:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. introduces a tiny series of surface mount transformers developed with Texas Instruments to be used with the SN6501 Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies. This new series enables tiny power supplies with very low part count to be developed for a host of applications up to 150mA of load current.

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Front-end Power Supplies Achieve up to 92% Efficiency

January 16, 2013 10:55 am | Product Releases | Comments

TDK Corporation announces the expansion of its TDK-Lambda HFE1600 range of 1.6kW high-density, front end power supplies with the addition of a 32V model. Particularly well-suited for use in broadcast applications, the HFE1600-32 operates from a universal 85 to 265Vac input, and the high efficiency of up to 92% minimizes...

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Comparators Ideal for 3V or 5V Single-Supply Applications

January 15, 2013 10:33 am | Wireless Design & Development | Product Releases | Comments

Touchstone Semiconductor announced the TSM921-TSM924, TSM931-TSM934, TSM971-TSM973 and the TSM982/TSM984 series of low voltage, low-power analog comparators. Eleven of the 13 analog comparators feature an integrated 1.182V voltage reference with either ±1% (TSM92x/TSM97x) or ±2% (TSM93x/TSM98x) initial accuracy.

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HGMM Simplifies AC-DC Power Supply Designs

January 14, 2013 10:45 am | Product Releases | Comments

Need an Avionic AC-DC power supply? Look no further, Gaia Converter the High Rel Power modules specialist, has extended its HGMM AC-DC Front-end module offering with the 150W ½ brick. For all power needs from 35 to 350W or more, Gaia Converter’s state of the art  35W, 150W & 350W PFC modules comply with with the latests standards DO-160E, ABD100, AMD-24, or MIL-STD-704F.

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AC/DC Power Supplies Offer 400 Watts of Performance

November 28, 2012 6:50 am | Product Releases | Comments

The PM400 Series’ of AC/DC power supplies from Protek Power offer 400 watts of performance packed design and are approved to 3 rd Edition UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 Type BF medical safety standards.  Units are also RoHS compliant.    This low profile 400W Series is ideal for a variety of medical and dental applications, including patient contact medical devices.

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Miniature, 3W SIP EN 60950 Approved AC/DC Power Supplies

October 26, 2012 8:06 am | Product Releases | Comments

Available now from MicroPower Direct , the MPL-03SE series is a family of miniature, safety approved, 3W AC/DC power supplies. Designed specifically for space critical board level applications, these power modules are packaged in a space saving single-in-line (SIP) package. As part of our "Cost Cutter" product series, they are offered at very low cost.

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Compact 150 & 240 Watt Power Supplies Feature Up to 200% Peak Power

September 5, 2012 6:07 am | Product Releases | Comments

TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda ZWS-BP series of compact, open-frame, 150W and 240W power supplies. These single-output supplies have a low profile of 1.46” to 1.65” and compact footprints of 2.95” x 6.3” or 3.31” x 7.09”.  Moreover, these units can provide a peak output power of up to 200% (for motors, pumps, etc.

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