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Google Offers Free Wi-Fi in India to Access Social Networks

January 13, 2012 9:51 am | Comments

Google is offering users in India free Wi-Fi in an effort to increase usage of Google’s social network Google+ as well as YouTube. The service provided by O-Zone Networks will run for an initial three months and will allow unlimited usage of Google+ and 10 minutes of free access to YouTube per week, but any other websites can only be accessed by paying for minutes.

ARM Shrugs Off Intel’s First Smartphone

January 13, 2012 9:13 am | Comments

For the past several years, almost every smartphone, tablet or other mobile device has used a microprocessor based on the computer chip technology of U.K.’s  ARM Holdings . That has finally changed with the unveiling at CES of the  first mass-market smartphone  that packs  Intel  technology, and it definitely won’t be the last.

How Google’s Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand’s SEO

January 13, 2012 9:09 am | Comments

In what could be hailed as the update that sparked an all-out Internet riot, Google has launched “Search, plus your World,” which pours personal social results into your public search listings. The catch is that it only factors in your Google+ social graph, leaving Facebook and Twitter, arguably the more active social networks, out in the cold.


MicroSD Card will give any Android Device Near-field Communications Capabilities

January 13, 2012 9:04 am | Comments

One of the more interesting abilities of some of the latest and greatest Android devices is their capacity for a technology called near-field communication. The tech is built into Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for compatible devices, and it can turn smartphones into tools that can help users make instant payments at stores, among other cool features.

Near Field Communication the Next Mobile Boost?

January 13, 2012 9:01 am | Comments

You may not have heard of it, but near field communication (NFC) is the technology that major companies are betting will become a central part of every mobile phone user's life. Interested in digital wallets, gaming, or social media? You'll soon be acquainted with NFC — which could transform the way we shop, pay, save, and interact with other mobile device users and even with physical objects.

Cars Connect With Apps, the Cloud at CES

January 13, 2012 7:37 am | Comments

Automakers are racing the put the mobile in automobile as they connect our vehicles to the cloud and increasingly blur the line between cars and consumer electronics.  These systems let you do everything from update your Facebook status to make flight reservations to access voice-activated navigation.

What to Expect From Mobile Marketing Tech in 2012

January 13, 2012 7:06 am | by For instance, what is the future of the QR code, and should we prepare to be wowed by augmented reality? Read on for my mobile marketing predictions of 2012. | Comments

As new technologies emerge that seek to bridge the real world with the digital, the offline-to-online marketing learning curve only gets steeper. 1. Quick Response (QR) Codes The Good : We’ll witness the disappearance of non-standard formats, an exponential rise in capable mobile devices, and a steady march toward improved calls-to-action spurred by more accountable analytics.

5 Gadgets From CES That Are Ideal for Journalists

January 13, 2012 6:59 am | Comments

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is the second-largest in its history. With 2,700 companies pitching products to 5,000 members of the press in Las Vegas, it’s easy to get dazed and confused by the avalanche of over-hyped gadgets. Here are five IJNet thinks are worth adding to your reporting toolkit as they come on the market.


Now That LTE is Here, What’s the Future for Sprint’s WiMax?

January 13, 2012 5:55 am | Comments

In the last few weeks Sprint has rolled out LTE service to a few area. Some have been under the impression that these are “test areas” to examine the viability of LTE. That’s not the case. I haven’t been able to get word from Sprint about their long-term plans — not officially anyway, and it’s the source of some confusion in the wireless industry.

Apple Temporarily Stops Selling iPhone 4S in China to Protect Store Employees

January 13, 2012 5:50 am | Comments

Apple stores in China have temporarily stopped selling the iPhone 4S to protect store employees and customers, the New York Times reports. The iPhone 4S was scheduled to hit the Chinese market on Jan. 13 for the first time. Unfortunately, enthusiasm for Apple’s latest gadget turned ugly, with gangs of scalpers reportedly fighting each other in front of Apple stores.

How Social Media Is Changing Consumer Electronics, and CES

January 13, 2012 5:47 am | Comments

CES 2012 is almost over, and so is the nonstop avalanche of cutting-edge products, amazing concept technologies and goofy celebrity appearances. The show is supposed to be a beacon for the industry to predict trends, and if you analyze the haze surrounding the thousands of product unveilings and company announcements, some figures start to emerge from the fog: tablets and slim laptops, smart TVs, fitness gadgets, power efficiency.

New Cloud-based Consumer Services at CES 2012

January 13, 2012 5:23 am | Comments

At CES 2012 Acer unveiled its plans for a new cloud-based service called ‘AcerCloud’ to help them develop a relationship with the consumers that purchase Acer’s electronic devices. Acer’s ‘cloud design philosophy’ is to connect all of a user’s different form factor devices, regardless of manufacturer and operating system, in order to securely transfer digital media between those devices and to make that media accessible at any time.


CAPTCHA Techniques & Access Control Systems for Mobile Tablet & RFID Devices

January 13, 2012 5:19 am | Comments

The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), the leading non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of global communications, will demonstrate new CAPTCHA techniques for securely downloading keys in RFID devices as well as the latest access control systems for enhancing character recognizability in tablet devices at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 10 – 13 in Las Vegas.


Ford Collaborates with Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects for In-Car Health and Wellness Research

January 13, 2012 5:13 am | Comments

Ford, Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects announced an alliance today to research technology to help people monitor and maintain health and wellness while on the move. The alliance was unveiled during the “Doctor in Your Car” keynote address at the Digital Health Summit at the International CES.


Intel’s Thunderbolt Finishing Up Successful First Year

January 13, 2012 5:03 am | Comments

Introduced in February 2011, Intel’s Thunderbolt technology is near its first anniversary. And a successful first year it’s been. Initially adopted by Apple across its PC line, Intel has announced the adoption of the technology by more PC OEMs and PC peripheral makers. On the Windows side, Lenovo has announced that its S430 business laptop would ship with Thunderbolt in Q2’12, and Acer has announced that the Aspire S5 Ultrabook would also ship with Thunderbolt in the same time frame.



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