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3D Printing and the Rise of the Makers

November 20, 2012 6:05 am | Comments

The edge of technology is when it enables you to do something that you couldn’t do before. It’s one thing to put your imagination down onto a piece of paper, or into a computer program, but what if you could hold it in your hands? This is the vision of 3D printing . Digital designs can be turned into real objects using various kinds of plastic.


Young Gamers Offer Insight to Teaching New Physicians Robotic Surgery

November 20, 2012 5:25 am | Comments

What can high school and college-age video game enthusiasts teach young surgeons-in-training? According to a new study from researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) – a world leader in minimally invasive and robotic surgery – the superior hand-eye coordination and hand skills gained from hours of repetitive joystick maneuvers mimic the abilities needed to perform today's most technologically-advanced robotic surgeries.


Important Progress for Spintronics

November 20, 2012 5:23 am | by A fundamental cornerstone for spintronics that has been missing up until now has been constructed by a team of physicists at Linköping University in Sweden. It's the world's first spin amplifier that can be used at room temperature. | Comments

Image: A schematic picture of the defect-engineered spin amplifier demonstrated in this work. The wave pattern symbolizes the time variation of the spin signal, namely the difference between the numbers of spin-up and spin-down electrons. The red and blue arrows represent the period with more spin-up and spin-down electrons, respectively.


Medical Vital-sign Monitoring Reduced to the Size of a Postage Stamp

November 20, 2012 5:16 am | Comments

Electrical engineers at Oregon State University have developed new technology to monitor medical vital signs, with sophisticated sensors so small and cheap they could fit onto a bandage, be manufactured in high volumes and cost less than a quarter. A patent is being processed for the monitoring system and it’s now ready for clinical trials, researchers say.


Technology Only a Tool in Search for Solutions to Poverty

November 20, 2012 5:10 am | Comments

Technology can serve as a tool to bridge the digital divide, but it is unlikely to be a complete solution in helping people find jobs and escape poverty, according to a Penn State researcher. "People really want to believe that the latest technology will help us do all these great things and liberate us," said Michelle Rodino-Colocino, assistant professor of communications and women's studies.


Increasing Efficiency of Wireless Networks

November 20, 2012 5:08 am | Comments

Two professors at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have developed a new method that doubles the efficiency of wireless networks and could have a large impact on the mobile Internet and wireless industries. Efficiency of wireless networks is key because there is a limited amount of spectrum to transmit voice, text and Internet services, such as streaming video and music.


Mobile Shopping on Thanksgiving Day Will Double This Year

November 19, 2012 6:48 am | Comments

Don’t be too surprised if you catch one of your relatives shopping on their smartphone during Thanksgiving dinner. Twenty-eight percent of those who own a smartphone or tablet plan to shop from their mobile devices on Thursday, according to a Harris Interactive survey of more than 2,000 adults on behalf of Digitas.


Google After Antitrust: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

November 19, 2012 6:44 am | Comments

Tim Carter was blindsided when his home-improvement site fell out of favor with Google's search algorithm about 21 months ago. His daily ad revenue from Google AdSense crashed from $1,400 to $70. "I have learned my lesson," Carter said. "Anybody who builds a business based on the whims of a search engine's algorithms -- that's a foolish thing to do.


New Satellite Will Be Space Mechanic and Gas Station in One

November 19, 2012 5:43 am | Comments

A young spaceflight company is building what it hopes will be the ultimate space handyman, a combination repair droid and orbital gas station to serve ailing satellites around Earth. The company, called ViviSat , is planning to launch a fleet of specially built spacecraft that will be able to attach to other vehicles in Earth orbit that need a pick-me-up.


Your Favorite Music Fan Will Treasure This Twistable Wireless Speaker

November 19, 2012 5:36 am | Comments

Give the gift of noise this holiday season. HiddenRadio is a uniquely designed, portable wireless speaker that you can “unwrap” each time you use it. Rather than traditional button volume adjustment, twist HiddenRadio’s outer shell to increase or decrease volume. As you would expect, the volume increase as more of the speaker becomes exposed.


Is Apple Bipolar?

November 19, 2012 5:33 am | Comments

Robot Hand Picks Up Nyan Cat, What Else is Possible?

November 19, 2012 5:26 am | Comments

Humans take their hands for granted. We’re just as quick to make an obscene gesture with them as we are to paint the next Mona Lisa. For those building robots, however, dexterous hands are a never–ending conundrum. Building them is tough and expensive. Roomba manufacturer iRobot is working on innovating its way around at least a few of these major obstacles to build effective, affordable, and maybe even intuitive digits.


Late-Night Gadget Use Damages Your Sleep Cycle

November 19, 2012 5:23 am | Comments

Does this sound familiar? You’re lying in bed, ostensibly ready for dreamland. But first, you grab your smartphone and set the requisite six alarms (all of them blaring the Star Wars theme ). But while you’ve got your phone out, you might as well text your buddy back like you meant to. Plus, now is the perfect time to plow through those 11 games of Gems With Friends that have been on hold.


Study: Cellphone Bans Associated with Fewer Urban Accidents

November 16, 2012 4:47 am | by Liz Ahlberg , University of Illinois | Comments

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Cellphones and driving go together like knives and juggling. But when cellphone use is banned, are drivers any safer? It depends on where you’re driving, a study by University of Illinois researchers says. The study found that, long-term, enacting a cellphone ban was associated with a relative decrease in the accident rate in urban areas.


Wire-Free Dream Closer with Renewed WiGig VESA Collaboration

November 16, 2012 4:36 am | Comments

The Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) Alliance and the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) have established a joint working group to advance the WiGig DisplayPort video standard certification.  This new joint working group will address interoperability between the DisplayPort standard and WiGig’s own Display Extension Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL).



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