TDK Offers New EPCOS Ferrite Data Book

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 8:42am
Susanna McShea


New TDK Data Book EPCOS Ferrites. Photo Credit: TDKIselin, NJ – TDK has offered design engineers the newly-published EPCOS Data Book Ferrites and Accessories.

Of particular note is information on ferrite discs and plates for the wireless charging industry, offering a robust line for low power and high power applications. The data book also covers a large material portfolio, including the lowest-loss power -PC47 and –N95 material, which offers low-loss and flat-temperature behavior.

“We also offer a large portfolio of bobbin and hardware accessories, as well as cores in a wide range of shapes and sizes,” says Chris Spadafora, Marketing Manager for EPCOS Ferrite Products.  “For the wireless power market, we have custom ferrite shapes and accessories, with excellent expertise in large blocks and odd configurations.”

The new data book covers RM cores, PQ cores, PM cores, EP, EPX and EPO cores, P cores and P core halves for proximity switches, E cores, ELP cores, EQ cores, ER cores, ETD cores, EFD cores, EV cores, U and UI cores, toroids, double-aperture cores, and ferrite polymer composites.

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