New Company Focuses on American Made Electronic Components

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 9:53am
John Ciangiulli, President, ACE

St. Petersburg, FL – A new electronic components company recently opened in St. Petersburg, FL called American Component Exchange (ACE). It is a distributor for quality electronic components, electro-mechanical components, and hardware. Their product offerings include capacitors, resistors, inductors, crystals, power supplies, relays, and connectors, but what makes this company unique is they are only distributing components made in the USA through authorized channels.

“I am so committed to having only products made in the USA; I recently had to deny an order for $7,000 because a company requested components being made outside of the US. I feel strongly about the mission of my company, which supports American manufacturing,” said company president John Ciangiulli.

Every year the electronics industry gets more powerful and more efficient with smaller and cheaper products. One of the big issues facing the electronic components industry is counterfeit products. This can cause serious issues which can endanger the lives of people.

Semiconductors are all around us. They control the computers we use to conduct business, the phones and mobile devices we use to communicate, the cars and planes that get us from place to place, the machines that diagnose and treat illnesses, and the military systems that protect us. Simply put, without semiconductors, the technology that we count on every day would not be possible. That’s why it is important to have quality products.

When you purchase ACE products you understand that you have purchased American-made components. A thriving U.S. semiconductor industry means a strong American economy, high-paying jobs and an outsized impact across the nation. “Simply put, semiconductors strengthen our country. ACE is my passion and my promise to you,” said Ciangiulli.

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