Warminster, PA, August 2013 -- EIC Solutions has obtained US and Canadian patents for its full line of Defender Series Thermoelectrically Air Conditioned Transit Cases. The cases protect electronics from impact, shock vibration, and also from dust, moisture and corrosion. To assure safe operating temperatures for sensitive electronics and other case contents, a built in air conditioner cools the case interior maintaining optimum temperatures regardless of the outside environment.

Made in the USA, EIC transit cases meet the rugged duty requirements encountered in industrial, commercial and military applications. EIC offers a comprehensive line of cases made from a variety of durable materials including polypropylene, fiberglass composite, rotomolded polyethylene and aluminum. Depending on the application and the site environment, EIC will recommend the case material that will do the best job of protecting the customer's electronics.

After selecting a transit case, customers may then specify thermoelectric air conditioners with cooling power of up to 2500 BTU and AC, DC, or AC/DC power options. EIC personnel will help determine power requirements and air conditioner mounting styles. "Our designers will configure the cooling units and make sure the mounting method optimizes available interior space and delivers the correct cooling power for the job," said Dave Bates, EIC Operations Manager. EIC will recommend racks, shelves, cable entry/interface panels and other case features to make it easier to install and operate the protected equipment. "In the end," said Bates, "the customer gets a transit case with the functionality and utility exactly matched to the application at hand."

EIC transit cases with thermoelectric air conditioners are available in both rack-mount and clamshell styles. Rack frames are attached to the case via vibration dampers which are sized for the rack load and protect the mounted equipment from shock and vibration. All EIC cases are suitable for safely housing and cooling instruments, computers, telecommunications equipment, surveillance devices, laser/optical equipment and other electronics. Select transit case models meet stringent MIL STDS.

Transit case options include custom cable exit ports, I/O panels, casters, insulation, locking latches and hinged or removable covers. For the thermoelectric cooling units, options include heaters, rain shrouds, condensate drip pans, and digital temperature control. EIC Solutions provides a comprehensive one-year warranty with all products.

For more information, visit www.eicsolutions.com.