Guardian, World’s First Wearable Designed Specifically for Children’s Security.

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 9:55am


A fusion of technology and fashion, creating the most secure safety network for children.

With love as its starting point, a new startup, BeLuvv has combined wearable devices with software applications and created Guardian, the world’s first wearable designed specifically for children and their safety. Featuring replaceable outer cases, Guardian wearables come in vibrant colors to match children’s clothing. Not only does Guardian represent milestone in children’s safety, it is also a fashion statement.

Guardian is the world’s first wearable that is linked to a worldwide safety network. Parents can now easily pinpoint the whereabouts of their children anytime, anywhere with their smartphones. Every person who installs the Guardian App becomes a part of the network, effectively increasing the safety of children around the world. If their children go missing, parents can launch an immediate search, with the aid of Guardian’s vast network, and effectively decrease the time it takes to find them.

By combining the latest hardware and social networks, Guardian increases children’s safety wherever they are.

The wearable’s round design resembles a mother’s embrace, symbolizing safety and warmness. The three corners further represent a child, his or her parent, and all members of the network, including you, holding hands together and helping the world become a better place.

Guardian’s Four Functions:

  1. Safety Alert
    Parents can set the size of a safety perimeter. When their children go near the limits of this perimeter, a notification is sent immediately to the parents’ smartphones.
  2.  Family Co-guarding
    Parents can invite their relatives, friends and neighbors to install Guardian app, allowing trusted ones to help create a watertight safety network. By checking their smartphones, parents can immediately find out whom their children are with.
  3. Emergency Search
    Once a child goes missing, an emergency search can be launched immediately. When the child in question passes by a person using Guardian, the cloud system immediately sends the location to the parents. The app also marks down locations at which no signal was received, allowing parents to pinpoint their children’s whereabouts more quickly.
  4. Global Guardian Network
    Everyone can become a member of the Global Guardian Network by installing the Guardian app. The more people who join up, the more expansive and accurate the system becomes.

In contrast to single-piece wearables commonly found on the market, Guardian features an independent core and replaceable accessories, allowing for greater wearability. Depending on the child’s preference, it can be worn on the wrist or the ankle as a bracelet, or even as a buckle on the child’s shirt, pants or school bag. Guardian’s minimalist design effectively allows for different combinations to go with children’s clothing.

In addition to a focus on portability, Guardian was also designed to remain online constantly. In order to minimize power concerns, Guardian features a replaceable battery and incorporates the latest Bluetooth low energy technology, allowing continuous use for at least 4 months up to 1 year. When the battery is low, the Guardian core and app notify users to replace it. In order to accomodate the needs of children, Guardian has also been designed to be IPX5-grade waterproof, meaning that it can be worn while at the beach or even in the pool.

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