QuickLogic’s ArcticLink III VX6 Supports Embedded and External Displays from a Single Processor Display Output

Wed, 03/20/2013 - 5:22pm
QuickLogic Corporation

Sunnyvale, CA – QuickLogic Corporation [NASDAQ: QUIK], the innovator in low-power Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs), announced today the immediate availability of its new ArcticLink III VX6 solution platform device.

This product integrates QuickLogic’s Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) and Display Power Optimizer (DPO) technologies along with LVDS, MIPI, and RGB interfaces into a single chip bridging and connectivity solution for consumer mobile devices. This enables developers to easily integrate a secondary HDMI and/or MHL video output into systems initially designed to support a single, on-board display.

The VX6BxG is optimized for tablet architecture, offering system designers a solution that bridges the MIPI output of the AP to an LVDS interface for the on-board display, while outputting the same display content to the RGB or MIPI interface of the MHL/HDMI transmitter. This approach eliminates the need for inefficient, multi-chip architectures or the need to upgrade to a more expensive application processor which supports two simultaneous display interfaces.

“The ArcticLink III VX6 family from QuickLogic allows tablet system designers to realize multi-display architectures with processors originally intended to support only a single, on-board display. We believe this flexibility in processor architecture selection can speed time-to-market and keep BOM costs low for OEMs building differentiated HDMI/MHL-enabled products” says Paul Karazuba, senior product marketing manager at QuickLogic.

The solution platform family also optionally integrates QuickLogic’s VEE and DPO technologies. The VEE technology, based on the iridix core from Apical Limited, delivers outstanding display viewability under any lighting condition by dynamically optimizing video characteristics to provide a natural viewing experience.

THe DPO technology has been field-proven to lower total system power consumption through dynamic management of display brightness with no negative user side effects. Used together with VEE, QuickLogic’s DPO technology enables system-level battery life extension by an average of 25 percent without compromising the user experience.

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