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How Bluetooth 4.0 Will Change Remote Control

August 16, 2012 7:02 am | Comments

Manage lights, TV, refrigerators and more through your phone or tablet when the latest wireless technology rolls into all your home devices Wireless technologies have been transforming domestic life since the availability of home radios in the 1920s. Since then every new kind of wireless technology and every new application has brought more transformative changes to the home.


German Team Takes IBC Conference Prize with Work on Glasses-Free 3D

August 16, 2012 5:58 am | Comments

IBC announces that the IBC2012 Best Conference Paper has been awarded to a group of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications Heinrich Hertz Institute. Their paper looks at a critical issue for broadcasters who want to move 3D television into the mainstream: the ability to create the signals for glasses-free 3D displays from two-camera stereoscopic origination.


Nokia Knows Where You'll Be 24 Hours From Now

August 15, 2012 11:40 am | Comments

Not only does your phone know where you are, but it knows where you are going to be. It may even know why you're going there. He calls it the "Interdependence and Predictability of Human Mobility and Social Interactions," but the algorithm researcher Mirco Musolesi and his team recently tested in the UK stirs up thoughts reminiscent of Phillip K.


Big Retailers Team Up on Mobile Payments Plan

August 15, 2012 11:34 am | Comments

The system, known as Merchant Customer Exchange, is a retailer-led initiative that would match similar services from Google Inc, which began operating its own system last year on its Android devices. The group of retailers, which accounts for about $1 trillion in annual sales, wants to make sure it has a say as standards for mobile payments are developed, said Terry Scully, Target's president of financial and retail services.


Up Close With BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

August 15, 2012 8:25 am | Comments

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins said the company is planning to take its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones on a road show to woo carriers, developers and ultimately consumers. In two separate interviews with CNET News' Roger Cheng and ZDNet, Heins outlined RIM's product cadence, roughly six new devices and smartphones that look and feel better than previous efforts.


3D Printed Meat: It's What's For Dinner

August 15, 2012 8:19 am | Comments

Slides prepared by startup Modern Meadow pitch 3D-printed meat as a more environmentally friendly approach to dinner. 3D printing has been used to create running shoes , medical implants , and, to the delight of firearm enthusiasts, a .22 caliber handgun . So why not a 3D-printed steak for the grill? Billionaire investor Peter Thiel's philanthropic foundation plans to announce today a six-figure grant for bioprinted meat, part of an ambitious plan to bring to the world's dinner tables a set of technologies originally developed for creating medical-grade tissues.


If It Rolls or Flies, UC Research Is Working to Keep It Quiet

August 15, 2012 7:11 am | Comments

University of Cincinnati research – from noise reduction in sophisticated military jets to quieter car rides – will be presented at INTER-NOISE 2012 , the 41st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, to be held Aug. 19-22 in New York City. UC is among only a few universities with a specific focus on vehicle noise control.


How Much Will Technology Really Change Higher Education?

August 14, 2012 12:14 pm | Comments

There's plenty of talk of how virtual learning platforms like the Khan Academy , Udacity , and edX are real higher education game changers. There's also lots of speculation over whether these and other technological advancements will just be integrated into the existing higher education system, or will they truly revolutionize it? In a new report from the Pew Research Center 60 percent of surveyed tech experts and academics say that thanks to the proliferation of technology, "by 2020, higher education will be quite different from the way it is today.


Use an Altoid Tin as an RFID-Blocking Wallet

August 14, 2012 9:52 am | Comments

Credit and debit cards with embedded RFID chips offer quick "swipe to pay" convenience, but they're also vulnerable to identity theft . One solution is to use an Altoids tin to carry those cards and protect yourself from RFID hijacks. Instructables user merlin1974 has detailed instructions for making your Altoids tin wallet.


Steve Jobs’ Home Burglarized

August 14, 2012 8:07 am | Comments

The home of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has reportedly been burglarized, with thousands of dollars worth in computers and personal items stolen. According to The San Jose Mercury News , a burglar broke into Jobs’ Palo Alto, Calif. home on July 17 and stole more than $60,000 worth of property.


This iRobot Has its Mind in the Gutter

August 14, 2012 5:53 am | Comments

iRobot Looj 330 iRobot Looj 330 Augur iRobot Looj 330 Sideview iRobot Looj 330 Accessories Best known for its Roomba vacuum cleaner robot, iRobot has reportedly sold 8 million consumer robots over the last 10 years, but not all of them are Roombas.


University of Houston Researcher Develops Solar Panel Coating

August 14, 2012 5:32 am | Comments

Nanoparticle coating makes it easier to keep solar panel clean, which reduces maintenance and operations costs A University of Houston researcher has developed a nanoparticle coating for solar panels that makes it easier to keep the panels clean, maintaining their efficiency for longer and reducing the maintenance and operations costs.


Nano, Photonic Research Gets Boost From New 3-D Visualization Technology

August 14, 2012 5:17 am | Comments

For the first time X-ray scientists have combined high-resolution imaging with 3-D viewing of the surface layer of material using X-ray vision in a way that does not damage the sample. This new technique expands the range of X-ray research possible for biology and many aspects of nanotechnology, particularly nanofilms, photonics, and micro- and nano-electronics.


NIST's Speedy Ions Could Add Zip to Quantum Computers

August 14, 2012 5:09 am | Comments

Take that, sports cars! Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can accelerate their beryllium ions from zero to 100 miles per hour and stop them in just a few microseconds. What's more, the ions come to a complete stop and hardly feel the effects of the ride. And they're not just good for submicroscopic racing—NIST physicists think their zippy ions may be useful in future quantum computers.


Test Flight Over Peru Ruins Could Revolutionize Archaeological Mapping

August 14, 2012 4:40 am | by The SUAVe -- for Semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle -- system developed by Vanderbilt and Aurora Flight Services should dramatically reduce the time it takes to map archaeological sites. | Comments

Archaeological sites that currently take years to map will be completed in minutes if tests underway in Peru of a new system being developed at Vanderbilt University go well. The Aurora Flight Sciences unmanned aerial vehicle will be integrated into a larger system that combines the flying device that can fit into a backpack with a software system that can discern an optimal flight pattern and transform the resulting data into three-dimensional maps.



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