How the Tesla Electric Car Actually Works

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 10:33am
Sam Laird

TeslamodelsThe Tesla Model S has been hailed as both a must-have big boy toy for the well-moneyed as well a harbinger of environmentally friendly transportation tech. So well-regarded are Tesla's electric cars, in fact, that the Model S was voted the Motor Trend Car of 2013.

But how do Tesla's electric cars actually work? That answer requires a bit more explanation. The basics are pretty straightforward, but real intrigue lies in the details of its futuristic car tech

Electricity charges a battery to give the Model S juice for a certain period of time, not unlike your smartphone or laptop. In fact, each Tesla electric car has much more in common with your MacBook than you might think — the company uses lithium-ion batteries just like the type that powers laptops worldwide



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