Advancements in Thermal Management 2012

Thu, 08/30/2012 - 7:15am

A Symposium for Engineers and Product Developers is a conference highlighting the latest advancements in thermal technology for product design, system development and process management. It will be held September 18-19, 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

This event will feature presentations on the latest advancements in thermal management and thermal technology for electronics packaging and cooling, temperature sensing and control, thermal materials, systems design and management for optimizing thermal properties. Topics will include new thermal technology, commercial applications of recent research and development in thermal science, and the latest market trends in thermal materials, products and systems.

The conference is designed for design engineers, system engineers, process engineers, material scientists and engineers, CTOs and R&D managers with organizations in industries and markets whose products, operations and services depend upon sophisticated and precise control of thermal properties and states.

If you are involved in electronics, semiconductor, manufacturing, aerospace, energy management, chemicals, R&D or temperature control industries, this is a must attend event.

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August 29, 2012



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