ITT Interconnect Solutions has been selected as the qualified supplier of connectors for use in electric vehicle charging stations throughout Taiwan. The EVC Series is the only SAE J1772 (U.S.), IEC (Europe) and GB (Asia) certified connector capable of delivering a 75A charge, which results in a charging time that is 2.5 times faster than 30A offerings from other industry suppliers.

Part of a pilot program developed in early 2012, the leading Taiwanese EV charging station manufacturer began using ITT’s EVC Series electric vehicle charging connectors to establish a charging package for both local and imported electric vehicles. The program was designed to test the charging technology of both the connectors and the charging stations for security and performance comparison between electric vehicles and gas-fueled cars. Preliminary results have shown great efficiency using the new technology, and plans have been made for an additional 3,000 charging stations to be installed throughout Taiwan by the end of 2014.

More recently, one of Taiwan's leading rental car companies ordered ITT’s SAE J1772 connectors to charge their fleet of electric vehicles at the rental site. When a customer rents an electric car, the double-ended ITT coupler is packaged in the car so the driver can power the car at offsite charging stations.

"The rental car market will expose our charging connector to citizens throughout Taiwan. They will experience how easy it is to use and realize that it can deliver a full charge in just a few hours. In this way, we can become the charger of choice when people buy their own electric vehicles," says Dickson Luk, Country Manager, Interconnect Solutions China.

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July 30, 2012