Bottle Rocket Apps Chooses Airband's Wireless Network to Support Rapidly Growing Bandwidth Needs

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 5:57am
Airband Communications is helping Bottle Rocket Apps to expand its business with a flexible Internet solution that supports the company’s dynamic business model. The modern infrastructure of Airband’s fixed-wireless network gives Bottle Rocket the flexibility to adjust bandwidth within hours as its projects and number of users change.

Bottle Rocket was founded the day after Apple opened its iPhone® platform to third-party developers in 2008. Since then, Bottle Rocket has been inducted to the iPad® Hall of Fame three times, and has created more than 60 mobile apps for its award-winning work with AARP, ESPN, Disney, American Express, BET, A&E, TBS, TNT, Discovery Channel, Sony and many other popular consumer brands. Bottle Rocket is recognized worldwide for its iPhone and iPad applications that are available in Apple’s App Store™ and Android Market.

For Bottle Rocket, choosing Airband’s fixed-wireless infrastructure over traditional, landline providers was a simple decision based on the firm’s desire to partner with a nimble and responsive broadband provider that could provide highly reliable and flexible services.

“The traditional, old-school Internet connections like T1s and T3s are inflexible. We don’t want to be trapped into adding bandwidth in T1 increments; we want a specific number of megabits, and Airband delivers exactly what we need,” said Founder and President of Bottle Rocket Apps, Calvin Carter. “What’s great about Airband is they can literally flip a switch in their network and we have more bandwidth the following day. It seems like getting a traditional vendor to give you more bandwidth takes an act of Congress – they need to fit you into a schedule and eventually send someone to do the work. We don’t have that kind of time, so we went with Airband to get the service we need as quickly as we want it.”

As Bottle Rocket rose to prominence among the nation’s leading developers of mobile applications, its bandwidth needs continued to grow. The company’s partnership with Airband has grown as well, increasing fivefold in the last 12 months. Additionally, Airband helped Bottle Rocket during a recent office move, keeping Bottle Rocket’s two facilities connected simultaneously, with zero downtime.

“Most broadband providers need 45 to 60 business days to move your service, but we only had 30 calendar days, and Airband said, ‘No problem,’” Carter said. “Because Airband’s modern infrastructure puts broadband over the air, our move was quick and easy. In most buildings, only certain Internet providers have a termination, so your choices are limited. But with Airband’s wireless system, that’s not an issue. Airband installed an antenna on our new building and we were in service; it’s so much more flexible.”

“Airband’s flexible, fixed-wireless network is an important differentiator as we continue to provide our customers with a solution that can quickly scale to meet evolving bandwidth needs,” said Matthew Milliron, vice president of Airband’s central region. “Our fixed-wireless Internet access delivers unique benefits to fast-growing enterprises by giving them the flexibility for bandwidth changes that correlate with their expanding business environments.”

For more information, please visit

For more information, please visit

Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

November 4, 2011

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