First Ever Tomographic Motion Detection System

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 6:51am
Xandem’s new synergistic sensing technology created by Wilson and Patwari at the University of Utah has led to the first ever tomographic motion detection system available for purchase. The product offers a totally new way to detect movement and is easily integrated into standard panel equipment, thus making this cutting-edge technology available for use in new and existing alarm, automation, and energy efficiency systems.

“Xandem’s tomographic motion detection (TMD) techology is a new way to detect movement within a defined area. The system can be completely hidden by embedding the devices in walls or behind objects, and is much more robust to false alarms than traditional microwave or infrared sensors.” claims Xandem founder Joey Wilson. “We are currently selling our systems to integrators and product developers in industries that see a need for unbeatable motion detection with many new features.”

Xandem technology uses wireless networks that can penetrate solid materials, thus the sensing is successful even when the devices are placed behind walls, furniture, and other obstructions. It is unlike traditional microwave sensors in that the sensing does not depend on radio wave reflections. The tomographic sensing comes from communicating nodes in the mesh network that sense disruption to the waves as they pass through the defined area, a synergistic architecture that increases robustness.

“The hidden and see-through-walls aspects of Xandem TMD are important.” says Wilson. “In security systems, an intruder cannot scope vulnerabilities at a target site since the devices are completely hidden from view.” Furthermore, since the system penetrates solid walls and objects, the entire floor plan or area can be covered without gaps in the sensing. In building automation and energy efficiency applications, Xandem’s system is much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional motion sensors.

Wilson also believes the technology can be used in non-traditional ways. “The uses of this technology are endless. Since our system can quantify motion, our systems can detect the difference between a single intruder and a crowd of people. When parents leave their kids at home, they can be notified if a party is occurring. This is just one example of how Xandem is enabling powerful new applications.”

Demonstration videos of Xandem TMD are available at the company’s website:

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