LTE Mobile Test Application Includes TD-LTE Function Set

Thu, 06/02/2011 - 4:29am

AT4 wireless is introducing the TD-LTE function set into the S3110B LTE Mobile Test Application, and supporting all currently defined TDD frequency bands and bandwidths. LTE is being envisioned as the future wireless broadband communications standards. From the start, it has been designed to support operation in multiple frequency bands so that it fulfills the regulatory requirements in multiple countries.

Typical deployments will use paired spectrum, requiring FDD duplex. However, in several countries, only unpaired spectrum is available, enforcing the use of TDD duplex. TDD operation presents distinct complexities that require additional testing when compared with FDD: multiple DL/UL frame configurations, different options in terms of HARQ feedback, etc. With the inclusion of TD-LTE function set in the S3110B LTE Mobile Test Application, AT4 wireless is providing chipset developers and UE integrators with a very powerful yet easy to use testing tool to verify basic RF parameters in multiple PHY configurations as well as basic signalling procedures and even to perform end-to-end IP level testing.

This software based upgrade uses the very same hardware configuration than the LTE FDD signalling function set in the S3110B and shares the currently available fading channel emulator and AWGN/OCNG noise generation capabilities. This means current customers of the S3110B will have zero downtime when enabling TD-LTE in their units.

“TD-LTE is gaining traction, especially in Asia, but also in other geographic areas around the world. With the introduction of the TD-LTE function set in the S3110B engineers now have a very powerful tool available fitting their testing needs during most of the device development cycle”, said Juan P. Hidalgo, LTE Product Manager at AT4 wireless.

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