Anaren Joins Forces with Arrow Electronics to Launch New Line of Radio Modules

Thu, 04/07/2011 - 8:09am
Anaren, Inc. recently announced that it has signed an agreement to stock its new family of Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules with electronics distributor Arrow Electronics. The measure marks the first time Anaren has allied with the general-electronics distributor, previously having focused on RF and microwave component- oriented supply chain partners (all of which remain authorized Anaren distributors of those products).

“Until now, the lion’s share of our components were targeted to manufacturers in the wireless infrastructure space, specifically companies that secure technology from distributors who specialize in RF technology,” says Mark Bowyer, the business development manager for AIR with Anaren’s Wireless Group. “We’re working with Arrow on this initiative because they have tremendous experience with and an excellent reputation in supplying the broader electronics market.”

Bowyer also said Arrow’s longstanding relationship with Texas Instruments played a role in the company’s decision to form an alliance with Arrow, as Anaren has just joined the TI Developer Network – and the AIR line is based on TI’s low-power RF technology.

                                                                           Anaren’s AIR product family solution provides an elegant, ‘plug and play’ RF solution – each module’s footprint being smaller than a postage stamp – to electronic engineers challenged with adding wireless capability to new or existing devices. Applications for AIR modules range from industrial control, building automation, and low-power sensor networks – to lighting and equipment and appliances intended for inclusion in smart-grid scenarios (e.g. automated meter reading).


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