Yamaha Enhances Its Geomagnetic Sensor Lineup with YAS530 Triaxial Geomagnetic IC Chip

Wed, 03/09/2011 - 7:04am
TOKYO, /PRNewswire/ -- Yamaha Corporation today announced that it would begin mass production and shipments of its new triaxial geomagnetic sensor IC for smartphones and tablet PCs in April 2011.

The new YAS530 triaxial geomagnetic sensor IC will have a wide range of uses, from navigation apps that require GPS, AR (augmented reality) apps, games that utilize a gyro sensor and more. The YAS530 has a dynamic range that is approximately 300% that of the currently available YAS529, and higher resolution and reduced power consumption are now possible with pin compatibility.

Yamaha is also planning to develop smaller-sized products that further reduce the mounting area on the PCB. By providing auto-calibration software with a proprietary algorithm used in its legacy products, Yamaha can provide an array of support services including timely driver updates for various operating systems and technical support for geomagnetic sensor IC chips, while meeting the needs of customers and making the design process easier for ODMs/OEMs.

Yamaha plans to meet the needs of the growing geomagnetic sensor IC chip market by developing high-performance products fitted for small packages. Also on the horizon at Yamaha is sensor-fusion software technology which supports multiple sensors.

The YAS530 is now available on a limited trial basis, but mass production is slated to begin in April 2011 to reach a broader customer base.


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