New iPad Personal Budgeting App Shows Consumers How to Pay Off Debt Without Changing Their Spending Habits

Thu, 03/17/2011 - 7:06am
BELLINGHAM, Wash., /PRNewswire/ -- With iPad 2 being the hottest shiny bright object to debut to the marketplace in years, consumers across the nation and the world are rushing in to make their purchases. At the same time, new iPad apps are debuting to give consumers who want to make the most of their iPad investment and their money even more to cheer about.

To that end, CashMap App Founder and Inventor Dennis Williams today introduced his iPad personal budgeting app called CashMap at the Apple App Store. CashMap shows consumers how managing their average daily balance enables them to pay off debt, lower their borrowing costs and visualize their financial picture over the coming years. Those who want to make better use of their positive cash flow, accelerate a loan payoff, refinance their mortgage, or maximize their savings can benefit from CashMap App.

"This application is a game changer for consumers who are serious about regaining control over their financial destinies in the best and most challenging of times," Williams said. "By creating your own scenarios, you can see where you'll be financially in 15 years. Instead of viewing budgeting as a boring, tedious task that rains on your parade, you'll discover a new motivation, hope and discipline to say 'no' today in favor of a better tomorrow that is now in clear view."

Consumers can download the program for free from Apple's App Store to learn how it works. They can then invest less than $20 to own the program forever and create a variety of personal scenarios to find the perfect answer to managing their personal debt, boosting their savings and creating favorable outcomes. Williams says that comparable software programs retail from $800, so CashMap offers quite a value.


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