Ekahau Site Survey used for Creating and Maintaining Wi-Fi Networks

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 7:46am
RESTON, Virginia, /PRNewswire/ -- Ekahau Inc. and Wi-Fi tools, today released two products: Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) version 5.5, and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer that help network administrators design, deploy and troubleshoot high-capacity Wi-Fi networks.

Unlike other Wi-Fi (WLAN) planning and administration tools, the latest version of ESS takes the capacity of the Wi-Fi network fully into consideration. ESS accurately analyzes the network capacity based on the number of Wi-Fi devices, and the applications run on them. This is essential for today's networks where a growing number of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, laptops and tablet devices require ever-increasing network capacity.

When designing a Wi-Fi network for data, voice, or RTLS, to support a large number of wireless devices, ESS will suggest a more dense access point placement. When analyzing a network, ESS now will display areas of sufficient or insufficient capacity. ESS also provides in-depth troubleshooting analysis, showing the number of associated clients per access point and displaying areas where too many voice calls will be placed simultaneously via a single access point.

"In the era of smartphones and tablets, the question for Wi-Fi network administrators is not just about coverage anymore, it's about capacity," said Jussi Kiviniemi, director of Product Marketing at Ekahau. "With our latest version of ESS, network administrators can be sure that their Wi-Fi network is capable of handling current and future capacity demands. This addition expands the growing list of ESS' unique features, which already include real-time location system (RTLS) integration, hybrid site surveys and an Android network analysis application."

The new Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer allows the user to detect, identify and locate interference issues in Wi-Fi networks with ease. DBx Pro, which replaces the previous DBx Spectrum Analyzer, offers significant improvements, such as interference classification, a device finder and a redesigned user interface.

Ekahau Site Survey 5.5 and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer are available now via the Ekahau website ( and through Ekahau's certified distribution partners.


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