30 GHz Leadless Chip Carrier Packaging Platform Designed for Telecom, Military, and Aerospace Applications

Wed, 03/09/2011 - 7:04am
LOS ANGELES, /PRNewswire/ -- OFC/NFOEC -- Tektronix Component Solutions announced its new 30 GHz leadless chip carrier (LCC) packaging platform to meet the broadband performance requirements demanded by telecommunications systems and modules, military/aerospace applications, and terrestrial communications. The LCC provides customers a new, lower-cost Surface Mount Technology (SMT)-compatible device to meet the needs of these applications.

The new 30 GHz LCC platform complements Tektronix Component Solutions' 15 GHz and 20+ GHz Flip-chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) package platforms, available with either ceramic or organic substrate technologies. These broadband packaging platforms help engineers satisfy aggressive signal integrity specifications (return loss 2 dB across the full operating spectrum) while managing power integrity in their designs.

Tektronix Component Solutions offers a variety of broadband packaging choices that help customers differentiate their own products. The LCC platform is well suited to high bandwidth ASICs or MMICs (monolithic microwave integrated circuits) designed for wire bond configurations and pin counts of 64 pins or less. Alternatively, FCBGA packages are appropriate for higher pin count ASICs designed with flip chip interconnects in mind. In all cases, Tektronix Component Solutions can make S-parameters available for system-level simulations, and deliver custom-designed ASIC packages.

The LCC and FCBGA platforms are designed for applications where high reliability is also required. Applications include 40-100 Gbps telecommunications; unmanned aerial vehicles; radar; and instrumentation applications including ATE (automated test equipment) systems. The LCC and FCBGA platforms help overcome the challenging signal integrity problems that occur at high frequencies, while providing low thermal resistance.

Tektronix Component Solutions' LCC platform is suitable for supporting customer demands for broadband (DC to 30 GHz), low pin-count ASIC packaging solutions (less than or equal to 64 pins). This platform employs the latest high-temperature co-fire ceramic (HTCC) substrate technologies and is a customizable, thermally efficient, high frequency, SMT packaging solution. Additionally the LCC can be solder-sealed for compliance with MIL-STD-883 Methods 1014 and 1018.6.

Tektronix Component Solutions' FCBGA platforms are suitable for supporting customer demands for broadband (DC to 20+ GHz), high pin-count ASIC packaging solutions (> 60 pins). These FCBGA platforms utilize the latest high-density interconnect (HDI) organic and low-temperature co-fire ceramic (LTCC) substrate technologies; they can support ASIC bump pitches down to 150 um. Additionally Tektronix Component Solutions supports a variety of thermal management solutions (such as machined Cu or molded AlSiC lids), and an array of qualified thermal interface>br>

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