Wireless Innovation Forum Announces New “White Space” Communications Initiatives

Fri, 02/11/2011 - 6:11am
WASHINGTON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum version 2.0), a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, recently announced the formation of two new groups focused on “white space” communications.

The TD-LTE in White Space Task Group, chaired by Zhang Xiaojing of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., has formed to develop a report for operators, network infrastructure and mobile service providers, baseband device manufacturers and wireless terminal manufacturers who would like to exploit the TD-LTE system in “white space” spectrum worldwide.

“White space,” for the purposes of this report, has been tentatively defined as any spectrum in any band not currently occupied by a licensed incumbent. The report will address application scenarios for TD-LTE in “white space,” build use cases from those application scenarios, and define performance parameters, associated deployment scenarios and the impact of interference emissions. The project is being formed as a part of a new Special Interest Group focused on White Space communications under the Forum’s User Requirements Committee, and will collaborate closely with the Forum’s Cognitive Radio Work Group.

“This will be an exciting year for the User Requirements Committee,” said Manuel Uhm of MIPS and chair of the committee. “One of the hot topics in the industry these days is that of dynamic spectrum access and the usage of 'white space' for commercial communications, thus leading to our new white space projects. We also continue to investigate the possibilities of new SIGs in the areas of intelligent transportation systems, medicine and smart grid, and would welcome inputs from any organizations interested in bringing the benefits of software-defined radio and cognitive radio technologies to those markets.”

The DSA/White Space Database Interoperability Work Group will support white space database administrators and all entities that must communicate with them by defining the application layer communications of spectrum administration databases. Two separate documents will be developed by this group: “Database Synchronization Guidelines” providing recommendations on database to database communications, and “Device Interoperability Specifications” which will establish methods, policies and best practice implementations, including system operation, data ownership and confidentiality, information assurance and ecosystem integrity, integration with service provider operations, interference avoidance, mediation and incident response.

The work of this group will build on years of previous activity in this area, and has participation from a broad base of industry stakeholders, including multiple candidate database administrators, TV band device manufacturers and incumbent representatives.

Both of these new projects have issued a call for participation, and are actively seeking contributions. These new initiatives represent key additions to the portfolio of member driven work groups, task groups and special interest groups operating with the Wireless Innovation Forum and scheduled to deliver work products in 2011, including:

For information on all of the Forum’s current projects, please visit our Current Projects page:

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