System-on-Chip Drives LTE Small-Cell Base Station Revolution at Mobile World Congress 2011

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 8:16am
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. announced that it will showcase the latest developments in small-cell base station innovation powered by its Transcede™ processor family, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, from February 14-17, 2011.

Unveiled for the first time at the 2010 Mobile World Congress trade show, the Transcede system-on-chip (SoC) will be featured in compelling new small-cell designs that will enable mobile network operators to increase network capacity and reduce the cost-per-bit of delivering next-generation data services. The Transcede family is the industry’s only solution with a compatible software architecture that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly scale their designs up or down in cell size, depending on customer requirements and rapidly evolving market dynamics.

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) picocells, microcells and a continually-evolving class of enterprise femtocells are expected to play a critical role alongside traditional macrocells as future 4G networks are architected. Once viewed primarily as an in-building wireless (IBW) solution used by mobile network operators to overcome poor indoor cellular coverage and signal degradation in commercial buildings, the picocell is now seen as a remedy for the high-density data clusters that will stress 3G and 4G networks as video-centric data consumption increases.

“Our Transcede family of wireless baseband processors was designed to simplify and accelerate LTE base station development, while enabling OEMs to leverage their software investment across multiple platforms, from the smallest enterprise femtocells to the largest macrocells,” said Raouf Y. Halim, Mindspeed’s chief executive officer. “Today’s Transcede-powered designs are among the first examples of products that will contribute to a heterogeneous network of femtocells, picocells, microcells and macrocells, which will improve network coverage, service and performance by putting more processing power closer to the subscriber.”

Mindspeed®’s flagship Transcede 4000 features an unprecedented 26 programmable processors in a single device, including two ARM® Cortex A9® multi-core symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processors, 10 CEVA® digital signal processors (DSPs) and 10 DSP accelerators. Transcede processors enable equipment manufacturers to fully support the complete processing needs of single- and multi-sector base stations using the wideband code-division multiple access (W-CDMA), LTE-FDD, LTE time-division duplex (TD-LTE, in China), time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA, in China) and/or WiMAX air-interface standards.

Transcede-based designs feature substantial processing headroom for value-added software features that developers can also readily port to other Transcede-based platforms. The Transcede 4000 was named “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” at the 2010 Mobile Excellence Awards (MEA) and it continues to resonate with customers and Mindspeed technology partners as the small cells approach to advanced mobile networks matures.


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