Drop-In Replacement for SLA Batteries

Wed, 02/23/2011 - 10:58am
Micro Power announces IronWorks™, a patent pending Iron Phosphate battery solution, which serves as a drop-in replacement for Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Manufacturers of mobile equipment can now achieve lighter weight, longer runtime, faster charge time and longer cycle life with this new standard U1 format battery. IronWorks is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate, the safest and most environmentally friendly chemistry available on the market today. Both the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery markets are expected to grow over the next several years. Applications with high voltage and capacity requirements are adopting Li-ion technology because of its many advantages – especially the high energy density, small size and low weight that this technology provides. “Recent innovations in Iron Phosphate chemistry have made it extremely competitive in markets that are weight sensitive and inconvenienced by SLA's need for frequent maintenance,” said Robin Tichy, Product Manager for IronWorks at Micro Power. “Many devices utilizing 12V batteries for mobile power, such as medical carts or computers-on-wheels (COWs), are prime targets for direct replacement of SLA batteries with IronWorks, which offers thousands of cycles, reduced maintenance time and costs, and a far lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a product.” IronWorks Batteries offer many attractive advantages for portable equipment over SLA batteries. IronWorks Battery characteristics include a nominal voltage of 12V, thousands of duty cycles per lifetime, and a smaller light form factor. The battery is compatible to direct use of an SLA charger and is optimal for replacement of SLA when total cost of ownership and weight reduction are the primary objectives. The health of the battery will be monitored by the circuit board controller, and this data can be accessed via an external system or another power supply or the host unit. “Modo designs and manufactures carts for medical device companies including GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific,” said Bob Marchant, CEO for Modo. “Our clients are demanding carts with compact footprints that can be effortlessly maneuvered and serviced in the field. The IronWorks battery easily integrates with a typical Modo cart which reduces overall cart weight and increases mobility, while enabling the electronics carried on the Modo carts to run longer.” IronWorks is available immediately from Micro Power. For more information, please visit

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