70% of B2B Organizations Feel Telemarketing Is Either 'Critical' or 'Very Important' to their Success this Year

Fri, 02/25/2011 - 8:13am
BRIGHTON, England, /PRNewswire/ -- During the last few years much of the UK marketing press has predicted a bleak future for telemarketing, suggesting that digital channels provide much cheaper and simpler solutions. However a survey conducted by B2B Marketing and sponsored by The Telemarketing Company has found that 70% of organizations feel telemarketing is going to be either 'critical' or 'very important' to their marketing success in 2011.

Indeed, three quarters of B2B organizations say the recession had no direct impact on their approach to telemarketing with 40% stating that they plan to increase their investment in the channel over the next 12 months. Over the last 18 months there has been much debate over what telemarketing is capable of delivering. However, the survey recipients made it very clear that they see telemarketing as a key part of their demand generation model. A strong 76% said their primary objective for telemarketing was to generate new leads, followed closely by booking sales appointments and lead qualification.

  Niall Habba, Managing Director of The Telemarketing Company said: "The results of the survey didn't surprise us. High quality B2B telemarketing activity develops long term relationships with key decision makers generating a solid pipeline of sales opportunities. This kind of objective can often only be achieved with an ongoing sales dialogue, intelligently integrated with other channels, something that telemarketing provides and that other marketing techniques struggle to deliver."

The survey made it clear that telemarketing has a growing future as part of the marketing mix. Niall Habba continued, "Naturally I am delighted to see that so many organizations plan to increase their spending on telemarketing. As the economic recovery gains strength it makes sense for businesses to increase their investment in marketing activity that delivers both measurable return on investment and unrivalled market insight."

As businesses navigate their way through the crucial next few months and years ahead, it seems the majority of B2B organizations are confident telemarketing will be a crucial part of ongoing business development, supporting recovery and growth.


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