Team U.S.A. Takes on the World's Best Texters at the 2011 LG Mobile World Cup

Mon, 01/24/2011 - 8:14am
SAN DIEGO, /PRNewswire/ -- LG Mobile Phones announced today the chance to win USD $100,000 and the opportunity to break a Guinness World Record at the 2011 LG Mobile World Cup. Challenging participants from 16 countries to push themselves to the brink of texting speed and accuracy, this year's Mobile World Cup will be held on January 26 at the legendary Gotham Hall in New York City. In addition to the cash prize, participating teams will also compete for the exclusive title of "World's Fastest Texters" and the chance to break the current Guinness World Records® record for fastest texting on a QWERTY mobile phone.

Arriving in New York City to represent the U.S.A. in this global texting battle will be reigning LG U.S. National Texting Champion, Brianna Hendrickson, and U.S. Numeric keyboard finalist, Angel Conlon. Hendrickson claimed the U.S. Championship title in September 2010 using the LG Ally phone to flawlessly text; Old McDonald had a farm, Ei, ei, oh! And on this farm he had a champ. W/a txtr here, and BFF there. Here a text, there a text, erywhere a text-text! Team U.S.A. will compete against contestants from countries including, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal, South Africa and Thailand.

"The LG Mobile World Cup is a one-of-a-kind, interactive experience," said Tim O'Brien, vice president of marketing for LG Mobile Phones. "Text messaging is often the preferred way to communicate, and not just with teenagers.  In a recent survey, we've found that texting brings families together.  The festivities today are a recognition of how integral mobile phones have become in everyone's lives."

  Celebrating today's growing trend of mobile culture, the LG Mobile World Cup is a unique global festival that invites participants to share in the universal language of text messaging with LG's latest handset technology. Throughout the competition, players from each team will race to the finish by typing phrases in their native language exactly as the phrase appears on nearby LG plasma screens with no mistakes or abbreviations.

Numeric players will compete using the LG BL20 while QWERTY players will try to out-text their opponents with the LG Etna Plus. In the end, only one team will be crowned the 2011 LG Mobile World Cup Champions and win $100,000.

Players will also attempt to break the Guinness World Records® record for fastest QWERTY texting, using the LG GT350 handset. 2010 Mobile World Cup competitor, Pedro Matias from Portugal, currently holds the QWERTY record with a 264-character text he typed in just 1 minute and 59 seconds. A Guinness World Records® Adjudicator will be on location to oversee the exhibition round. Team U.S.A. hopes to be the lucky pair to break the current record, bring home the title of "World's Fastest Texters" and celebrate bragging rights that will last a life time. For more information on the LG Mobile World Cup, please visit


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