Sleek Wireless Pocket Streamer that Brings Broadcast Mobile TV to Smartphones and Tablets Unveiled

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 6:13am
LAS VEGAS, /PRNewswire/ -- iMovee Corporation today announced the launch of Mobeo, an advanced wireless pocket streamer that enables broadcast mobile TV on any WiFi enabled device, smartphone or tablet. Mobeo brings "Telefusion" to smartphones and tablets by combining Live Broadcast TV, live streaming TV/VOD and Social Media networks. The Mobeo line of products addresses several broadcast Digital TV technologies, including ATSC-MH for the USA, ISDB-T for Latin America, DVB-T for Europe and more, all enabled by Siano's leading mobile TV receiver chips.

Mobeo is a wireless accessory that supports host devices such as smartphones and tablets that run on the most popular operating systems, including Google's Android, Apple's iOS and the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7. This enables the accessory to smoothly connect to the most modern smartphones and tablets, such as Apple's iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola's Droid, HTC's Trophy, and many more. In addition, Mobeo boasts a long battery life of 4 hours, largely due to Siano's receivers extremely low power consumption, as well as sleek compact stylish design and advanced features like channel swipe and channel spinner. Mobeo offers a seamless user experience with a media-rich user interface, advanced features and functions.

"iMovee focuses on developing innovative products that revolutionize the way consumers watch and enjoy TV on the go", said iMovee's CEO and founder, Maxel Rapheal. "Mobeo is the latest addition to our product line-up, providing a truly unique experience to the multimedia savvy consumers of today, who are highly demanding in their user experience and not willing to compromise on the receiver performance. This is why we have chosen to work with Siano as our MDTV receiver partner – not only do we get a complete product coverage across multiple regions in the world, but we know that the products provide the best receiver sensitivity, mobility and power consumption."

Mobeo also brings the ultimate experience of "Telefusion" to the consumers – in addition to traditional linear TV, it provides the ultimate combination of live TV, YouTube and VOD. Moreover, it also provides a virtual living room experience by having a group of people watch the same live TV program from different places and be able to chat over it. The users can exchange messages over their Facebook and Twitter accounts while watching TV. Mobeo is iMovee's answer to socially interactive TV on the go.

"The set of features offered by Mobeo is a perfect fit to contemporary viewing habits," said Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano. "Young viewers nowadays tend to combine social networking while they are engaged in other activities, and the Mobeo answers just that. We believe it will increase TV ratings among youth." Ironi added: "We are proud to have our receiver chips fit iMovee's needs by providing global coverage that spans ATSC-M/H (USA), CMMB (China), DVB-T/H (Europe and Africa), T-DMB (Korea and Europe) and ISDB-T (Latin America and Japan)."


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