Complete Embedded Solution for High-Definition Audio/Visual (HD A/V) Electronics Devices

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 5:55am
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the WIRELESSHD™ (WiHD) 2nd generation module, WHDM-T005/R006, which is adapted for a complete embedded solution to high-definition audio/visual (HD-A/V) electronics devices, such as Plasma Displays, LCD-TV, Projection DTV, A/V Receiver, and Blu-ray player, etc. for enabling the WiHD compliant wireless video-area network (WVAN).

The WHDM-T005/R006 integrates all components necessary for WVAN in a compact aluminum case which has been prepared for efficient heat dissipation and EMI suppression, and therefore can be easily embedded in low-profile A/V devices with minimal additional thermal and radio law consideration.

HD-A/V electronics devices with the WHDM-T005/R006 are able to create, join, or leave WVAN automatically. A set of 4.0 Gbps and three 10.0 Mbps links maintained with a 60 GHz array antenna and the OmniLink 60™ beam forming technology enable uncompressed real-time communication of 1080p/60Hz or 3D video with 32-192kHz audio and back-channel audio.

The WHDM-T005/R006, measuring 121.9mm (L) X 23.5mm (W) X8.2mm (H), operates in a 12V single power supply and has an HDMI port as the video interface. Pre-programmed embedded DTCP and HDCP keys for highest level of content protection also ease the AV system design.

For promoting flexibility to mount, Murata is developing a split type module consists of a RF board and a network processor board, which are interconnected with a flexible cable assembly. The small split-RF board and the DMC type NW-processor board are adapted for the module installation for laptop PCs.

WiHD is a leading technology developed by SiBEAM that provides 10m line-of-sight wireless transport method for completely uncompressed at 1080p 60Hz with very short latency.


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