Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems Provides Critical Emergency Management Communications System for Louisiana Parish

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 6:19am
INDIANAPOLIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems, Inc. (BATS) announced today that it has supplied a wireless broadband communications platform to support a Louisiana parish emergency mobile command center.

The parish required a rapidly deployable mobile command center to provide on-site command and control at disaster sites and to act as a redundant 911 call center. Disaster preparedness is a high priority in Louisiana. Redundancy and mobility are crucial for governmental organizations to be able to respond quickly and effectively when disasters occur. Rapid deployment of communication systems between all public service organizations is critical to effective disaster response. Traditionally, on-site disaster response has been limited by deployment time, the high levels of technical expertise required, and the complexities of coordinating multiple communications systems.

The parish’s emergency communications requirements presented several challenges. The customer needed to be able to rapidly deploy the mobile command center to any site across the 270 square mile parish and initiate communications within 10 minutes. In addition, the wireless platform would be deployed by non-technical personnel. Finally, the parish required a minimum of 100 Mbps throughput for voice and video communications.

Integrated with a 4.9 GHz (PTP600) wireless broadband radio from Motorola, the Broadband Antenna Tracking System’s BTS-3300 with GPS was able to automatically locate, lock onto, and track the wireless broadband connection between the mobile command center and one of four towers arranged across the coverage area in under 2 minutes. The mobile command center and the towers utilized the BTS-3300 to provide 360° of coverage from each tower using directional antennas to provide the range and throughput required to reach all areas of the parish. The platform was designed to work with all existing communications systems.

Additionally, BATS was able to provide significant cost savings over satellite or cell network services by eliminating costly monthly service fees. These fees can total in excess of $5000 per month for a single connection of .5Mbps while BATS’ integrated system provides up to 1024 Mbps with no service fees. The parish’s authorities benefit from the increased speed, mobility and reliability all at a lower cost.

BATS innovative technology is ideal for rapid deployment or extension of wireless networks. It is ideal for first responders, public safety, military, maritime, and other critical communications requirements.


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